Who Are We?

At Core MSS we are first and foremost a Service Company. We sincerly strive to deliver better standards to all our customers.  We want to do this by adding value to our customer through the services we offer. We want to be more valuable to our customers than our contract costs. We work with our customers in a Partnership with the same aims and objectives, to make our custo​mers and their customers the leading standard in the area of their expertise. 
At Core, our Managers and Directors have been working in the Support Industry for most if not all of their working lives. They have built themselves up from entry elevel positions to their current management roles. We have been both Supplier and Customer so we know what you need and how to deliver it. We will work with you to develop and impliment a customised solution to your ongoing requirments. 

Steve Pendergast

Steve is our Core CEO and Major Share Holder. Along with Core Steve is the Director of several companies that he has started from the ground up. Steve is a pro-active CEO and can often be seen visiting our contracts to ensure we are following the agreed business model and fulfilling or exceeding our customers expectations. Steve is also part of our Layered Audit System and performs yearly Audits with our Managing Director at all the faclities that Core MSS operate at. 

Greg Fields

Greg is our Managing Director at Core MSS. Greg has decades of experience within the Automotive and Manufacturing Industry as both a Teir 1 Supplier and Soft Services Manager. Greg is continually intracting with our cutomers and forging new relationships with both our custmers and our onsite personel. With offices located in Ellesmere Port, Greg spends most of his time visitng current and potential customers throughout the United Kingdom.
Phone: 07870 890054
E-Mail- Greg.Fields@CoreMSS.co.uk

Craig MacInnes- FCMI

Josh Fields

Craig is our Director of Business Development and is always kept busy meeting with potential customers and providing bids for tenders throughout the United Kingdom. Craig has been in the Support Services Industry for 35 years and he has supported leading names in Automotive Manufacturing both within the UK and Internationally. Craig is an expert in Paintshop Application Systems and is familure with all major Manufacturers of Application Systems. From the initial launch of Greenfield Sites to the Managment of Exsisting Manufacturing Faclities, Craig has had years of experience working within both of these areas.
Phone: 07485 074751
E-Mail: Craig.MacInnes@CoreMSS.co.uk
Josh is Core's Operations Director and he is responsible for Cores Quality Side of the business. Josh has extensive experience in Customer Relations and Contract Managment. Josh works to build relationships with all our customer and employees. His focus is on Health and Safety and making our work places a safe place to work. Josh is also part of our layered audit process and support business within the Cleaning Division and the Quality Division. 
Phone: 07876 855088
E-Mail: Josh.Fields@CoreMSS.co.uk

Joey Williams

Joey is one of our Operations Managers. He has extensive experience in Launching and Managing Industrial Contracts and well as overseeing the day to day running of the contracts. He is currently responsible for all of our cleaning contracts within the United Kingdom.  As well as running our current contracts, Joey is also responsible for bidding on potential contracts and launching these cointracts should we be successful. 
Phone: 07467 430586
E-Mail: Joey.Williams@Core MSS.co.u k

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